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Hairstylists at Gorgeous Hair Salon!

​Experience our hairstylists' skill and passion, delivering the perfect tailored service.



Lisa Hunter

The gorgeous boss of Gorgeous Hair Salon, fueled by a deep passion for hair, is a true hairstyling expert, creating exquisite styles that showcase her unmatched skill, experience, and unwavering dedication.

Hairdressing Excellence at Gorgeous Hair Salon in Auckland, New Zealand

Gorgeous Hair is a vibrant team of Professionals Hairdressers in Auckland New Zealand who create cutting-edge styles and colours, inspired by international standards. Our salon is dedicated to delivering a little modest glamour in a relaxed and sociable space. Armed with the latest tips and trends from the world’s fashion capitals, the Gorgeous hairdressing team is dedicated to ensuring your hair is a season ahead of the rest, and just perfect for you. Our talented and best hairdressers in New Zealand are master cutters and colourists boasting extensive local and international experience.


Experience the difference and enjoy stunning hair in Auckland.


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