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Explore the Beauty of the Lauren Ashtyn Collection

Explore the Lauren Ashtyn Hair Topper and Extension to experience luxury hair transformations as we proudly become the first salon in New Zealand to stock them.

Introducing Luxury Hair to New Zealand

The Lauren Ashtyn Collection is the visible expression of Lauren Ashtyn’s lifetime passion for beautiful hair.

Meet Lauren Ashtyn 

The daughter of a stylist, she has spent her entire life immersed in the culture of the modern salon. Her goal has always been to make her clients look, and feel, like the very best versions of themselves.
The hairpieces are a snap for clients to wear! Perfect colour, volume, and style are available in seconds – not hours, and the unique 4-clip system keeps the hairpiece snug and secure without damaging the client’s own hair.
At The Lauren Ashtyn Collection, they make it their goal to give each and every one of our clients the hair they’ve always dreamed of…INSTANTLY

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